Pumpkin Style Cold Brew

Welcome the unofficial change of seasons with all-natural Pumpkin Style Cold Brew. Dark-roasted and infused with aromatic spices that'll have you feeling like throwing on some boots and a flannel, this delicious fav is ready to kick off your Pumpkin season.

Our cold brew concentrate is just that - brewed cold! Unlike iced coffee, we replace heat with cold-filtered water, time and a whole lotta Rook love. From our coastal New Jersey roastery and brewery, we ship cold - insulated and on ice for maximum freshness. Please refrigerate your bottles as soon as you open your package. 

How Do I Drink It?

We recommend mixing equal parts Pumpkin Style Concentrate and your favorite milk and sweetener of choice. Mix well, serve over ice and simply enjoy.

What to expect:

  • 32oz. cold-packed bottles of cold brew concentrate
  • Recycled, insulated liner and ice packs (reuse these in your own cooler if ya want!)
  • Orders ship Mon-Fri via FedEx Ground and 2nd Day Air. To preserve the freshness of your brews, any deliveries beyond the FedEx two-day ground window must ship 2nd Day Air.
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