we believe in happiness

and it just might start with a delicious cup of coffee

In the heart of New Jersey, two childhood friends grew tired of the daily grind and took a leap of faith. Their mission: to create happiness through coffee and shared moments. Starting in a humble 300 square foot shack, they did just that.


For us, attention to detail is everything. So every cup begins with the highest quality, specialty-grade coffees, hand-selected and meticulously roasted for a consistent brew every time.  


It's our baseline for every single experience. We pride ourselves on creating experiences that live in that small margin above exceptional. Whether shopping in one of our 11 retail locations or having your brews shipped direct, millions of cups don't lie.

keep it simple

Don't see what you're looking for? Maybe that's intentional. From our beginnings, we picked a few things to do really well and leave it at that. That means badass coffees and cold brew concentrates, free of added sugars and preservatives and full of natural roasty coffee notes. 

because happiness

It’s contagious, trust us.