When childhood friends Holly and Shawn stepped away from their corporate careers and started Rook Coffee in 2010, they wanted to make people feel special. Since the beginning, in that 300-square-foot shack, Rook has focused on offering specialty coffees that inspire genuine, human connections. We do that with three promises: quality, simplicity and experience.



Quality is our most important driver. We meticulously select, roast, brew and taste coffee, always pushing for the perfect product. Simplicity is shown through our love for great coffee and our desire to share it with you in its most genuine form. We invite customers to leave distractions behind, join us and simply enjoy their coffee experience. Which leads us to our third promise - experience. We seek happiness with each and every interaction and believe your positive experience is just as important as the coffee you’re sipping.


Over a decade since the company’s inception, Rook has continued to grow and expand on New Jersey's coast. With eleven stores in operation, our roastery, cold brew coffee brewery and headquarters is located in Long Branch, NJ - not far down the road from Rook's very first location.


Whether you are enjoying a steaming cup of our coffee from one of our locations, sipping a decadent New Orleans Style cold brew on the beach or receiving your monthly coffee subscription right to your doorstep, our hope is that you have a chance to leave distractions behind, join us and enjoy ridiculously good coffee from people who care.


Please reach out to us at any time! We’re here for ya!