Chemex Brew Guide

We always love hearing people's stories about their home brewing adventures. Brewing on a Chemex is super fun and really easy. It can be a bit intimidating looking, but I promise that you'll be stoked on the results once you get it down! Here's a little step-by-step guide to brew the perfect cup!

    • What you’ll need

      • Chemex
      • Scale
      • Filter
      • Water fresh off the boil
      • Coffee (43 grams ground for an electric perc)

    • Step One
      • Pre-soak your filter
        • You want to pour some water onto your filter to remove all of the paper particles that are sitting on the surface. This will help to give more clarity to your brew. When your filter is fully saturated, hold it in place and pour that water out.
        • If you were to leave this water in your Chemex the results would be papery and hard to drink.

    • Step Two
      • Pour in your coffee grounds and pour the bloom
        • So for this step, you are really trying to get the coffee evenly saturated to ensure that your brew will be tasty as heck.
        • First place your grounds into the filter.
        • Next, pour in a clockwise motion up to 150 grams of water. Aim for any dry spots of coffee that you see to try to get them all soaked. If you hit the 150 and still see some floaters, don't worry! Grab a spoon and give them a gentle stir. You don't want to dig into the the filter, so be gentle and keep this stir at the top.
    • Step Three
      • Second Pour
        • After your bloom is done at around 3:20, start your second pour. This pour should be in a clockwise motion again and should be complete by 2:45-2:35, bringing your water weight up to 450.

    • Step Four
      • Last pour
        • Around 2:20, begin pouring again. This pour should finish up between 1:50-2:00. This will bring your final weight to 700 grams of water.

    • Final Step
      • Wait for it!
        • Now that you've finished pouring and you're waiting for your timer to run out, check out our site to pick your next coffee / #rookcoffee to see what all of your fellow Rook friends are up to (maybe snap a pic to brag about your perfect brew?!).
        • After your timer has expired, remove the filter and toss it in the trash/ compost bin. Then, enjoy yourself a fine cup of coffee!

    Quick review

    1. Gather your supplies
    2. Pre-soak your filter and discard the water
    3. Pour your ground coffee into the filter
    4. Start your timer counting down from 4 minutes and begin pouring your water (Bloom 150 grams)
    5. At 3:15 start your second pour (adding 300 grams to weight bringing total to 450 grams)
    6. At 2:20, begin final pour (bringing your final weight to 700 grams)
    7. Hang out with us via #rookcoffee or our site for a minute or two!
    8. When your timer has expired, discard your filter and get to drinking some awesome coffee!

    If you have any questions or need any help perfecting your brew, let us know!