Auto Drip Brew Guide

Automatic brewers are the most convenient way to brew a cup of coffee hands down. They are super simple and built to make consistent cups. That’s why we have one here at our Roastery! The recipe below will be for a ten cup brewer*
*so you can scale it down for whatever size you like ;)

Things you’ll need:
  • One super sweet automatic brewer
  • A filter for that automatic brewer
  • 106g (about 1 cup) of coffee ground Auto Drip
  • 1,774 grams (7.5 cups) of water 
Step One
Place the filter inside the brewer and presoak with hot water
Then dump the excess water that you soaked the filter with

Step Two
Place the coffee into the filter
Add the water to the reservoir tank

Step Three
Turn on your machine and let it brew baby
It's that simple!

Step Four
Grab your favorite mug and enjoy some really awesome coffee!!!!