Auto Drip Brew Guide

Automatic brewers are the most convenient way to brew a cup of coffee hands down. They are super simple and built to make consistent cups. That’s why we have one here at our Roastery!


  • What you’ll need
    • One super sweet automatic brewer
    • A filter for that said automatic brewer
    • Some really delicious coffee ground drip- auto drip
    • Water


  • Step One
    • Place filter into basket
      • Pre-soak
        • Dump out excess water
    • Pour ground coffee into pre-soaked filter
      • For a ten cup brewer, you’ll want to use:
        • 106 grams (Just over 1 measuring cup) of ground coffee.
        • 1,774 grams (7.5 cups) of water.
          • Add your water to the reservoir tank.
  • Step Two
    • Turn the machine on and let it start brewing!


  • Step Three
    • Pour yourself an amazingly good cup of coffee and hang out on the couch!

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