Bee House

Are you one of those "only-a-little" people who can get by on just one cup a day? Then the "Bee House" is perfect for you. A simple pour over that will get you by in the best way.

Things you’ll need:

  • A Beehouse Pour Over
  • A #2 or #4 filter (the only difference is the height of the filter, so don’t worry if it’s one or the other.).
  • 18 grams of coffee
  • Some water (195-209 F)
  • Something to brew into

Step Two

Weigh and grind 18 grams of your favorite coffee and grind for drip.

Step Two

  • Place brewer onto decanter.
  • Pre-soak your filter
  • Place filter into brewer and pour some hot water over it. Try to hit all of the dry spots.
  • Once you’ve done that and the water has passed through, dump that water.
  • After you’ve discarded the water, place your brewer back onto your decanter.

Step Three

Pour your coffee into the filter.

Pull up the stopwatch on your phone/ grab a kitchen timer.

  • You’ll be starting your timer from zero.

Step Four

  • First pour
  • Start your timer and start your pour at the same time.
  • Pour up to 75 grams and stir.
  • Your first pour should be done by 20 seconds.

Step Five

  • Second Pour
  • Pour another 75 grams bringing your water weight to 150 grams
  • You should be done pouring by about 50 seconds.

Step Six

  • Last Pour
  • At 1 minute mark, pour another 150 grams of coffee bringing your total weight to 300.

Step Seven

Chill out and wait for that coffee to draw out.

  • Coffee should be done brewing by < 2:30.


  • Soak your filter
  • Pour in your 18 grams of coffee
  • Start your stopwatch and your pour at the same time.
  • Pour up to 75 grams of water and stir (0-20 seconds)
  • At 30 second mark, start your second pour. Pour another 75 grams bringing your water weigh up to 150. (30-50 seconds)
  • At 1 minute mark, pour another 150 grams of water bringing your total water weight up to 300 grams.
  • Wait for your coffee to drop out.
  • That’s it!

Brew with us!