Aeropress Brew Guide

The Aeropress is one of our favorite brewers to use. It is quick, easy to clean and absolutely delicious. This is one of the easiest and effective recipes out there which brews a clean and bright cup in just about one minute (literally). Try it out and let us know what you think.

What you’ll need:

  • One super sweet Aeropress brewer.
  • Your favorite coffee ground for standard auto drip setting on your home grinder (or ours).
  • Water just off the boil (200-ish degrees).
  • A timer
  • Your favorite coffee mug.

Step One

  • Pre-soak your filter and place cap onto brewing chamber.
  • Then place chamber onto your mug cap/filter side down.
  • Pour one level scoop of coffee (approximately 14 grams if you’re using a scale) into your Aeropress.
  • We suggest pre-soaking your filter to remove all of the paper particles from your filter before you start brewing. This reduces the cardboard/ harsh paper taste that dry filters create in the brewing process. 

Step Two

  • Set timer to 1 minute. With coffee now in brewing chamber, start your timer and pour the hot water into the chamber until it just reaches the #3 mark on the side of the chamber.
    • We suggest using 200 grams of water. This should bring you to the bottom/ middle of the number 3. 

Step Three

  • Stir - be careful not to stir too far down in the chamber as this might move your filter out of place. 
  • We always suggest stirring the coffee gently to make sure there are no pockets of dry coffee in the brewer. 

Step Four

  • Once your timer starts beeping, place your forearm on the plunger handle and just lean in a little bit. You’ll feel some resistance but don’t worry about pushing harder. You just want a slow, steady press.
  • Once you hear the hiss of the air passing through the coffee with no more water coming out, you are done-zo. To clean the aeropress, simply unscrew the cap and push the press the rest of the way through (over a garbage can). The used coffee and filter will pop right out!

Step Five

  • Drink up, yo!