Roaster's Pick "Shore Points"

Single Origin: Burundi
Roast Level: Mild-Medium
Process: Natural & Washed

With Notes of: Chocolate Malt, Strawberry Cream, Cotton Candy

The shore is calling your name…and so is this brew! Hit the road and coast on the parkway with ‘Shore Points’ in hand. Two coffees come together to create this decadent Burundi blend that tastes as sweet as summer. By the time you reach the shore, you’ll wish you had more!

More about the bean: Coming from two different Burundi lots, this blend is a unique one! One comes from a washing station located in Mutambu where a community of multigenerational coffee producers have dedicated their lives to the farm. Their business proved to be instrumental during a civil war in the late 1900s and early 2000s, where leftover coffee from the lot was the community’s primary source of income. The other lot in this blend comes from Kavumu, where a cooperative began in 2013. Over the years, over 900 coffee producers have played a part in coffee production for this lot including transportation and sorting of cherries. Together, these two Burundi lots create high quality coffee that go hand-in-hand for a delicious blend.