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Lookin' for our in-store menu? We've gotchya. Check out all of our offerings below:

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Cold Brew

New Orleans Style

Like melted coffee ice cream meeting bold, dark chocolate.

Mocha Style

Like smooth milk chocolate dancing with rich coffee.

Traditional Style

The iced coffee drinkers cold brew.

Latte Style

Rich, creamy, and classic. Plain and simple, if you're looking for that melted coffee milkshake thang, this one's for you.

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*Latte and Traditional Style available decaf.

Single Origin Hot Coffee

Roaster's Pick

Our monthly limited brew hand picked by our team. Guaranteed deliciousness. Every time.


Bold + Rustic. At our darkest roast level, Sumatra offers unparalleled boldness with rustic, smoky notes. A dark-roast drinker’s dark roast.


Dark Chocolaty + Velvety + Classic


Candy Sweet + Citrusy. Our middle-of-the-road roast level. Not too light, not too dark - just right. 


Caramelly + Nutty. Bridging the gap from medium to dark roast. 


Smooth + Balanced. Mountain Water Processed. The best damn decaf we’ve ever tasted, promise. 


Milk Chocolaty + Fruity. A truly classic coffee flavor profile.

Costa Rica

Honey Sweet + Vibrant. A tad sweeter and darker than our other mild roast, Ethiopia.


Floral + Bright. Our mildest roast with refreshing, floral notes. 

Rook Originals

Hot Mocha Style

Silky, smooth and so freakin' delicious. A rich dark roast made with premium drinking chocolate.

New Orleans Style

Rich, dark roast blended with chicory. Smooth. Dark-Chocolaty. Delicious.

(Not available whole bean)

Turkish Style

Dark roasted and blended with cardamom. Aromatic, complex, with a subtle warmth of spice.