Roaster's Pick "Summer Rain"

Single Origin: Tanzania
Roast Level: Medium
With Notes of: Brown Sugar, Peach, Orange Zest

There’s something about a good Summer Rain. When heat contrasts with the crisp rainfall and the accompanying aroma. And when we think of those nostalgic moments of summer, we think of this latest Roaster’s Pick. This Tanzanian crop is sweet as a peach cobbler balanced with some aromatic orange zest. Meticulously roasted to a medium level, we’re beyond excited to offer this limited brew from one of our favorite African growing regions.

More about the bean: This crop was grown on one of Tanzania’s oldest and largest specialty coffee estates. The Burka Estate gets its name from the two large natural springs that are found on the farm and supply water to the farm and neighboring communities. With the ideal climate for growing specialty coffee, the estate produces shade grown Arabica coffee using eco-friendly and responsible approaches to maintain the environment in the area.

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