Roaster's Pick "Sleigh Ride"

Single Origin: Flores
Roast Level: Dark
Process: Wet Hulled

With Notes of: Cedar, Woodsy, Cherry Tobacco

Outside we go! A dark-roast brew with woodsy notes of cedar and cherry tobacco, Sleigh Ride will take you on a Winter adventure with every sip. Through wet-hulled processing, this Flores crop dries quickly in a high-moisture environment, to create a unique and undoubtedly bold coffee.

More about the bean: We’re back with another origin-favorite, Flores! On an island off of Indonesia, founded back in the 15th century, sits a farm off of the Inerie Volcano. With a high variety of coffee trees and hybrid varietals, 12 farmer-led co-ops work together to produce a range of coffees, all with a smooth body and delicious flavor.

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