Roaster's Pick "Rising Tide"

Single Origin: Panama
Roast Level: Medium
With Notes of: Red Apple, Caramel, Citrus

The Roaster's Pick Series is back and more limited than ever! Elevate your coffee-sipping experience with this latest drop: 'Rising Tide'. This estate-grown crop from Panama presents classic and crisp notes in the cup which are complimented by an approachable medium roast level.

A little more about the bean: With a washed process coffee, like this Rising Tide,  coffee cherries are placed in water after picking.The ‘fruit’ is removed from each individual bean by pressing it through a series of screens and agitated water in an effort to ‘wash’ the bean free of its fruity casing. The result is a clean, classic coffee flavor. 

Can't get enough of Roaster's Pick? Now available by the 2 lb. bag while they last!