Roaster's Pick "Party Popper"

Single Origin: Colombia
Roast Level: Mild-Medium
Process: Washed 

With Notes of: Toffee, Gala Apple, Lime Zest

Why stop celebrating now?! We’re continuing the celebrations this month with Roaster’s Pick ‘Party Popper’ - an approachably sweet mild-medium roast from Colombia. Taste the rich, creamy flavor of toffee balanced with acidic fruit flavors in this brew…the perfect way to celebrate any kind of morning!

More about the bean: In the mountains of Colombia is a specialty coffee farm owned by a seasoned coffee producer, who bought his own land 20 years ago after being immersed in the industry as a child. Now, he prides himself on creating coffee of his own, while using methods and practices from his father’s farm, such as 36-hour fermenting and patio drying, to produce high quality coffees such as this one.

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