Roaster's Pick "No. 43"

Single Origin: Kenya
Roast Level: Medium
Process: Washed

With Notes of: Chocolate Covered Raisin, Grapefruit, Silky Body

Last up in Series 9 of Roaster’s Pick is ‘No. 43’ and believe us, this brew is anything but just a number! Notes of sweet chocolate will melt in your mouth as you get subtle hints of fruitful raisin and grapefruit flavors. We’re talking as smooth and silky as it gets. If you’re looking for a balanced, yet vibrant cup of coffee, this is the one for you!

More about the bean: A special pick from a Kenyan farm sitting 1,650 meters above sea level, ‘No. 43’ was created as a blend of two roast profiles of the same coffee beans - one dark and one lighter roasted - to create the perfect medium roast level. These beans went through the traditional washed processing, making classic coffee notes shine through with every sip. 


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