Roaster's Pick "Magic Potion"

Single Origin: Colombia
Roast Level: Medium-Dark
Process: Natural

With Notes of: Butterscotch, Grape Juice, Lemon-Lime

There’s nothing scary about this concoction…with notes of butterscotch, grape juice, and lemon-lime, Magic Potion is our latest out-of-this-world brew that’ll leave you spellbound. It starts with a high elevation coffee from Colombia. After meticulous picking and processing, this crop hits our roaster for some meticulous tasting and roasting to a medium-dark level! The result is this unique and mysterious coffee that we affectionately call, Magic Potion.

More about the bean: Blending three generations of coffee farming and recent education in specialty-coffee fermentation, this small lot was grown at over a mile above sea level. After undergoing a double-sorting method to ensure only the ripest coffee cherries are processed, the crop goes through anaerobic fermentation - a process in which coffee cherries are fermented without oxygen in their natural pulp or fruit, producing incredibly complex and unique coffees like this one.

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