Roaster's Pick "In Bloom"

Blend of:  Natural Ethiopia. Washed Colombia. Washed Ethiopia. 
Roast Level: Mild-Medium
With notes of: Butterscotch. Graham Cracker. Lemongrass.

 There’s no better way to signal the start of spring than the early blooming of flowers and a sip of this ‘In Bloom’. And this isn’t just any old limited drop. For ‘In Bloom’, we blended one Colombian and two Ethiopian coffees of different processes for the most unique coffee of the Roaster’s Pick series yet. Our head roaster, Alex, identified the following characteristics of each crop to reach the ideal blend profile: 

  • Natural Ethiopia, Guji, 1800 meters: fruit-forward and syrupy
  • Washed Columbia, Nariño, 2050 meters: fresh and bright, adding citrusy, vibrant sweetness
  • Washed Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe, 1525 meters: clean and floral
We promise, you won't find another coffee like it ANYWHERE!