Roaster's Pick "Haunted House"

Single Origin: Colombia
Roast Level: Medium
Process: Honey

With Notes of: Papaya, Toasted Coconut, Orange Zest

Join us on a mysterious walk through an equally mysterious coffee - Roaster’s Pick “Haunted House”. This bone-shaking, delicious brew is packed with such unexpected yet welcoming notes that you’ll be transported from haunted house to tropical island with each sip.

More about the bean: This Colombian crop is the product of a first-generation owned and operated specialty coffee farm that sits between two mountains at about 1,700 meters in elevation. With the owner’s commitment to learning new processing methods, this coffee reaches new levels of mystery after undergoing an anaerobic honey process, where the beans ferment with a sticky layer of mucilage (skin) for up to 36 hours. The result is a brew with some of our favorite tropical notes for any time of year.

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