Roaster's Pick "Folk Rock"

Single Origin: Papua New Guinea
Roast Level: Medium
With Notes of: Molasses, Almond, Delicious Red Apple

Believe it or not, it's time to wrap up our third series of our Roaster's Picks. That's 15 amazing coffees sourced from around the world and processed with the ultimate attention to detail. But we're not done yet! Folk Rock is a sweet-sipping crop from Papua New Guinea, one of the more remote origins we've sourced from for this series. 

Sweet, yet balanced and approachably roasted to a medium level, Folk Rock offers a classic flavor profile for coffee drinkers of all sorts. 

A little more about the bean: Grown in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea, this coffee is comprised of Bourbon and Typica varietals. The plantation has been owned and operated by the native Tsekaka tribal clan since 1978 and helps to act as a central processor for the coffee growing region, purchasing coffee from local smallholders in addition to growing their own crops.

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