Roaster's Pick "Feelin' Lucky"

Single Origin: Colombia
Roast Level: Medium
Process: Honey

With Notes of: Honey, Green Grape, Fresh Peach

*Warning: this sweet and refreshing medium roast may make you feel luckier with every sip*
Luck is the theme of the month and this week, we’re feelin’ extra lucky. If you haven’t found any good luck charms recently, don’t fret, picking up Roaster’s Pick Feelin’ Lucky will do the trick. 
More about the bean: With over a decade of specialty coffee production in Colombia, this coffee farm is nothing short of expertised in making the highest quality coffee. After neighboring farms experimented with selling honey-processed coffee, the owner followed lead in selling this specific process of coffee, once it proved to be impactful in growing businesses. He has since been able to provide for his family in a way he always wished to, and hopes that they will continue in his footsteps.