Roaster's Pick "Bottoms Up"

Single Origin: Bali
Roast Level: Dark
Process: Natural

With Notes of: Brown Sugar, Papaya, Watermelon

And the first month of 2023 comes to a close…let’s sip to that! We’re closing out our ninth Roaster’s Pick Series with a sweet ‘n fruity dark roast from Bali. We have all the sugary-tasting goodness in this one for you, to kick February off on a sweet note!

More about the bean: This delicious single origin crop was also one of three featured in our Roaster’s Pick ‘Birthday Cake’ blend. Sitting above a volcanic plateau is the main site for Bali’s coffee production. This unique geographic feature emerged succeeding a volcanic eruption which halted coffee production and encouraged the government to take action in reinstating coffee production opportunities. After undergoing natural processing (dried in the coffee’s natural fruit), this brew holds up resounding sweetness, despite being dark-roasted.

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