Limited Reserve La Maria (Pre-Release)

Watermelon Candy. Caramel. Black Tea.
12 oz. Bag
Colombia is renowned for its incredibly high quality coffee. Even more special and coveted are specialty coffees from Nariño, an area in the west of the country. Perched at some the highest growing elevations in the region (6,200 feet!), farms in Nariño produce coffees with extraordinary flavor profiles that are consistently of the utmost quality. 
Our head roaster, Alex, traveled to Narino to taste and rate 86 coffees from different farms and producers throughout the area. Of the staggering 86, one coffee in particular stood out from the rest. On his farm, La Maria, Jario Solarte uses a 36-hour fermentation process and then dries his coffee on raised beds. The end result of a meticulous processing period yields a complex, sweet and outstanding cup.
Enjoy this exceptional coffee with those who are special to you.

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