Roaster's Pick "Sunshine"

Single Origin: Colombia (natural process)
Roast Level: Medium
With Notes of: Granny Smith Apple, Strawberry Jam, Fruit Punch

There’s nothing like a cup of Sunshine to brighten your day and one of our favorite origins for consistently high-quality coffees delivers here. Founded over 40 years ago and drawing on generations of coffee growing experience, the Santa Barbara Estate has evolved over time to accommodate the growth and processing of specialty coffees. Our head roaster, Alex, had the privilege of staying at the estate during a sourcing trip to Colombia and recalls the amazing hospitality and coffees he experienced.

A little more about the bean: While the majority of Santa Barbara Estate coffees undergo a washed process, this crop was produced with a natural process. With natural process coffees,  the coffee beans are left in their fruity ‘cherries’ to dry. The result is a sweeter, more unique flavor profile.

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