Roaster's Pick "Garden State"

Single Origin: Tanzania
Roast Level: Mild-Medium
Process: Washed

With Notes of: Honey, Kiwi, Black Cherry

This week’s Roaster’s Pick reminds us of our favorite place - New Jersey, of course! Wherever you call home, we can assure you that ‘Garden State’ will be enjoyed with every sip. Fresh, fruity notes of honey, kiwi, and black cherry make this mild-medium brew oh-so sweet. 

More about the bean: Coming from a plantation on the outskirts of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, these washed coffee beans are carefully selected and processed by a generationally-owned family. With 350 employees, general management, and an in-house Q-Grader, this farm was one of the first large scale coffee producers in the country, and continues to dedicate their practice to creating the highest quality coffee for their customers.